Suspense Thriller from the early 1990’s

I only watched the first hour of this movie back in 1993. It was dark for most of the film and had a sharp and clean feel for the time. It was shown on HBO or Showtime and may have been in theaters or direct to Cable or VHS.

It took place primarily in a 2 story house. The house was the home of a mother and son, they being the main characters. The house was broken into by a group of people. The cast was primarily Caucasian with maybe one African american woman or man but I no longer trust my memory on that. Anyway, the group of 3 or 4 people breaking in stayed and really messed with this mother and son. The suspense was of a psychological nature were the mother was separated from her son and unaware of what might be happening, all the while just trying to get through what was happening. It seemed like this group of people were just messing with these folks for the sake of it but any further plot was not unraveled in the first hour. At one point it seemed that one of the female assailants had the boy up in a room and possible was engaged in acts of a sexual nature. He was between 13-16 at the oldest but not a child, pre-teen to young teen. Color tone was warm light set against dark windows for most of the film, browns and tans and yellow against dark. Well done for the time. I have been looking for the name of this movie since 1993 so that I can see how it all ended. Thanks !

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