Suffering Man held at gunpoint by 2 thugs

Here is a film or TV still that I am trying to identify that was unlabeled in a book. A suffering man is in the clutches of 2 thugs who are pointing handguns at him. The book was published in 1965, so the film must definitely predate that. (I have a feeling it is from the 1950s or early 1960s.) If you cannot identify the film, then perhaps you could identify one of the actors. Note that the picture appears as it was printed in the book and it may or may not have been reversed as if by a mirror.


5 thoughts on “Suffering Man held at gunpoint by 2 thugs

  1. I thought it might be Milton Selzer from an episode of The Untouchables, but after checking his picture I don’t think it is. I don’t recall a scene like that, anyway.

    1. I noticed the resemblance to Crawford before, but I don’t think it is. If it is Crawford and it is after All the Kings Men, which made him a star, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out. But in that scene it wouldn’t appear he had a starring or co-starring role.

  2. You can now mark this post solved. Yesterday I happened to come across a lobby card and poster for the film “Pretty Boy Floyd” (1960) with matching scenes. The man in the center may be the star, John Ericson. Not sure who the others are, but despite the resemblance, Broderick Crawford was not in this film.

    Link to Lobby card:

    Link to poster:

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