Stalker Movie I guess

I only saw a trailer on the tv long back…. I don’t even remember the actors’ faces. In a particular scene, in a party, this guy runs his index through the woman’s chest and would say “I can rape you here…. Even now”…. That’s the only thing I remember…. Hope it helps

2 thoughts on “Stalker Movie I guess

    1. I saw the trailer way back in 2000 on star movies channel….. They were not in a car. they were in a social party. And sorry, I can’t remember the actors’ faces or anything else. The man would be in a black jacket. Hope it might be a 90’s movie…. Not sure though…. I only assume it has some blackmail or stalker stuff….. I don’t remember anything other than the dialogue above….. Thanks for ur interest and sorry if these details aren’t of much help.

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