India? two boys and a girl, poverty

Ok so i think this took place in india and in a poor part of the city.  Basically theres this boy and hes poor and got no place to go and then he find this nice man who shelters lost children so he stayed there and becomes friends with another boy and a girl.  but turns out the man disfigures the kids to make then get more money when they beg on the streets and then he takes the money himself!  one night the boy sees another boy made blind by a hot spoon so he runs away with his two friends.  they travel the country and at one point they meet the blind boy and give him 100 bucks.  the blind boy knows it is 100 bucks too because he knows the different textures of different money.  then the kids are living in this small apartment and the mc starts liking the girl but turns out his friend is actually raping the as “payment” for the apartment so he leaves.

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