(spoiler) 80’s early 90’s (maybe) movie about a doll clown

I saw it approximately at 80’s early 90’s on TV. In Spanish although it is an American one. In color.

I remember a couple of things;

  1. I think it was a family living in a big house kind of two floors with a pool;
  2. It was a doll in clown dressed involved;
    1. the family, I think, throw the doll on garbage but it reappears;
    2. I think that the doll did not kill by himself but with “accidents”, related to the spoiler I am going to write;
  3. SPOILER: the scene that I remember clearly it was the last one; a woman seems the only survivor to the massacre, she is contemplating a showcase of a shop on the street and when she is about to cross the street she gest hit by a truck, she dies and the movie ends although we do not see if she dies, it is implied.

I do not know if it will be of help but I think that I saw it at the time I saw The House on the Sorority Row, in fact I thought that the walking cane that appears on the previous one was on the movie I am trying to find, but no. I mean the esthetic are quite similar so I assume they are from a similar time period.


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