Space Movie – SciFi Original? 2005(ish)

Deep space movie with a young man and woman who are pilots for a shipping / transport company? They bring some type of ‘alien artifact’ on board their ship, it emits a pulse that starts to make them sick. They discover the ‘alien artifact’ is actually US property and possibly some type of weapon. The young man has to do a space walk for some reason and his suit malfunctions becoming very cold. He discovers that the cold temperature somehow reduces the sickness caused by the ‘alien artifact’. That is about all I can remember. I have searched and searched online, and cannot find this movie. Thanks in advance!

3 thoughts on “Space Movie – SciFi Original? 2005(ish)

  1. I looked up ‘Alien Cargo’, and that’s it! Thank you. My memory was a little off, but you got it right. I even found the full length movie on youtube.

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