Some vague scene I recall from seeing back in school

There was a movie I saw in school (only part of it) back in 2003 but there is only one scene I remember, and even that is kinda murky. There were two kids who were scrambling to find something (don’t remember exactly what it was, but somehow or another involved angel’s wings) that they only had an hour for, and found it right in time. They were searching for it all in one room, maybe it was a study room of a large house (I think they were a wealthy family). And of course, there were many close-ups of the clock as time ran out. And adults (likely their parents) dropped in a few times to give warnings, I think one may have been the exact phrase “fifteen minutes remaining.”

I realize this is a very obscure description and probably I’m not remembering some parts correctly.  It was in color, but probably a classic movie.

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