Some 90’s french movies maybe?

Three of them bug me. I don’t recall the titles of any, or much of the plot, but the following scenes are stuck firmly in my memory. Disclaimer – all french films are pretty wierd:

1st film

Late 90’s most likely

Driving back from some place (summer beach-house maybe) a mother, and two daughters, the younger of which is the main character. They stop for the night on the motorway coz the driver is tired. They were driving back coz the daughters were fighting I believe.

Action cuts suddenly, they are awoken by some crazy guy who’s broken into the car during the night. He violently murders the mother, and elder daughter then drags the younger girl into the woods.

This scene stands out so vividly because I remember that it was a random, and pointless ending to an otherwise dull, probably coming-of-age themed french film.

2nd film

Maybe around year 2005

Some under cover cop, stalking some criminal out of revenge (probably) finds himself in a hotel room where the guy he’s stalking is apparently a member of a paedophile ring. Not wanting to blow his cover, a young girl is brought to him, although obviously he does not touch her.

No idea what happened from this point, as I was flicking through channels looking for something to watch. But yeah, always wondered what it was.

3rd film.

Probably early to mid 90’s

Ending scene, guy is driving his car, possibly being chased by someone. There are a lot of crashed cars on the road, and eventually he crashes himself. Don’t recall what happened after this, or what came before.

What I do distinctly remember is this was a complete shift from whatever otherwise dull french movie it had been. Seems to be a theme with french films that they had stupid twists that make no sense to violently kill off the characters.

Good luck trying to figure those out. I’ve still no idea and I’ve checked a lot of films trying to find them.

One last one is a clip I saw recently. Think of it as a “bonus.” Doubt anyone will figure it out, but it’s recent, and it’s most likely Russian.

Two guys (wake up maybe?) at a beach setting. Another guy is violently beating a girl, and throws her into the sea. One guy comes over, and it attacked by the other. The other girl grabs the girl and drags her to the beach.

While one guy is restraining the other, the third guy beats and rapes the girl. Then the switch, and the other guy shoots her afterward. The remaining guy, who was being restrained eariler runs off, and the shooter fires a couple of shots.

End of clip. No idea where came from, some idiot send it in an email to a friend who got spooked thinking it was snuff. I told them not to worry, it’s probably just some foreign film, since there’s subtitles, and the camera work is to good to be amateur.

I tried searching in google with a few keywords, but the results sickened me, and I have no wish to look further. Didn’t find the film, but the internet is full of messed up stuff.

7 thoughts on “Some 90’s french movies maybe?

    1. Yeah, from the wiki article, that sounds like i’s the one. Thanks. Creepy ass film always bothered me I didn’t know what the Hell it was. Much credit to you.

  1. The first film is 1st film “A ma soeur” (2001) – I found a copy and flicked through it, and the whole film came back to me.

    The second film (about the maybe cop) is still unsolved. This one bug me the most, I only saw that one scene.

    The third film is probably Godard’s Weekend (1967) so thanks for that. I may watch it again sometime, it was more weird than disturbing.

    The bonus clip is not Romper Stomper – coz that’s in English. This was foreign, likely eastern european, and possibly Russian.

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