Foreign film set on another planet with the last remaining humans

Hi. I am looking for a foreign film, that was possibly in spanish or a language similar to it,that i watched between 2008-2010 that was about the last remaing people that were alive and were living in this bunker thing and they were hiding from some humanoid monster (i think they looked like shadow covered humans but my memory is fuzzy) and one scene i clearly remember is when the characters are found out and they run to this courtyard place(i think it had a basketball court) where they are then surrounded by the monsters and the shot pans out to show a destroyed planet in the background. Another scene i remember is a woman scolding a child for going beyond the set boundary(they are hiding and the boundary is simple with some string across areas they can’t go, along with a sign that resembles the no smoking sign but with a person instead of a cigarette) and she discovers that the little boy was bringing food to another child that was behind this door and asks him why he didn’t say anything sooner bevause the kid was close to death. It was in colour and the effects were pretty good and it was not an animation, real people were in it. I have looked for about 3 weeks but i have had no luck so if you have any information it will be very appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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