softporn movie “blacksploitation?”

Around 1998, I recall seeing a movie on a late night premium channel like Showtime or Cinemax that looked a little gritty, it was in color but seemed like it may have been from the late 70s or possibly 80s. I think the title may have been in a yellow font but cant be sure. Anyway it began with a black couple leaving their younger son with an apparent teenage babysitter or maybe sister, it wasnt clear. She had devious intentions and when the parents left she called the boy into a bedroom where she was nude and brought him toward her and took his clothes off. She was laying on her back on the bed and he was standing and she brought him between her legs and she started grinding against him until she came. He seemed emotionless to the whole situation while she clearly was taking advantage of him. Thats all I can remember. What the heck did I see??

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  1. Sweet Sweetback’s Badass Song is an exploitation film from around that time that featured the son of director Melvin Van Peebles (Mario), losing his virginity to a prostitute. Mario was quite young at the time, 13, and the scene is one of the more controversial scenes of all time.

    Maybe that helps?

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