Snake Bite

Hello. I’m trying to find a very old film that came out before 95. In the story, a guy and a girl were driving a car and picked up another guy. Then, the girl’s boyfriend was bitten by a snake and his hand was rewound. I remember that there was a scene where they all ended up in the house of some religious people and their son made his way into the room at night to the guy who was bitten by the snake and he wanted to look at the bite. At the end of the film, the bitten guy is hit by a car and he crumbles into many snakes.

2 thoughts on “Snake Bite

  1. It looks like hell. There is even a scene with a child who checks his hand with a wooden sword. But I’m sure that there were no nightmarish scenes of mutations and other things. And the car was more like a low Dodge. There is no scene at the end of the movie where the guy and the girl crash into the bitten man and he scatters into many snakes.
    Many years later, I realized that there was some deep meaning in the story. The bitten one was jealous of the new guy, and the snake bite and venom itself was a kind of metaphor for his jealousy. It feels like someone watched Curse 2 and then made their own version of the movie, but with a different message.

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