Animated semi-realistic art-style cartoon movie of a white lamb sneaking out of it’s farm with a black or brown lamb

Hey there everyone!

After I have recently gotten a CD player from a relative of mine as our parents threw our CD player away years ago, and I kept forgetting to buy a new one when I had money, I’ve relished in nostalgia of watching the old CDs of my childhood and revisiting the movies I watched.

However, there are a few CDs I remember that I cannot find anymore for some reason, and one of them was quite odd to say the least.

So, this memory is quite obscure – I have a very vivid memory of it but some details I don’t know if that is my mind filling in the gaps, so I’ll try to do my best. The movie starts off with a woman singing something which sounds similar to like those mountain singers or like Bavarian singers yodeling – I really hope you get what I mean. I wish I could add like audio recordings here because this is one of the most clear memories that I can hum the melody even years after. I think it has a home screen with like the farm animals? This is one of the blurry parts. I think I remember the main character, which is a young white lamb with blue eyes and horns, being born at the start of the movie – it’s like one of those skinny lambs and could remind one of Bambi I guess you could say.

This is a good interlude into the language and art style. The art style, as mentioned before, I can only describe as like…semi-realistic? A good comparison is The Adventures of Lola the Penguin, along with the language. You see, I grew up with a lot of Montenegrin dubbed CDs, which is similar to like Serbians. I have the CD as “Pingvin Pingo” which doesn’t have too bad of a dub, however with the lamb movie the dub I recall being like those documentary dubs. You can still hear the original underneath as the subbed version plays over, and I recall the lamb movie having quite a lot of like delays.

Anyway, back on track, the lamb is like in this little like fenced house thingy? At night, I think the lamb sees the black one and sneaks out, I think. The white lamb thought about it before quite a few times as she (the white one is female, the black one male) talked with the farm animals about the outside before. It sneaks out and has fun in the mountains. Here not the content but the timeline becomes blurry – basically, both are hunted by like wolves and meet the other black lambs who the sneaker introduces to the white lamb. It’s some rocky area and here my memories kinda end – they have this journey as the farmer looks for the lamb (alongside his dog if I recall correctly). I also just remembered what he looked like along with the cover.

On the cover the man holds some sort of staff some farmers use next to the lamb and their art styles are a little different with the lamb leaning into this like Bambi look. The farmer looks like a middle eastern uncle, not gonna lie, with a blue fishing hat and gray hair with a gray mustache and a bit of a bigger nose. The background of the CD is red and if I recall correctly the font of the movie is blue.

I recall the movie being a bit brutal/grim and having some wolf calls, and I think either somebody dies or is injured a lot? I recall a scene of the white lamb being cornered at a liver by a wolf.

I think this might be all? I might add more info later on. I was born in 2006 and watched this movie at a very young age, like around 6 maybe if not younger (or older) however I’m guessing this movie was made before the year 2000 judging by the quality and how a lot of the animated movies I’ve watched on CD as a child were made around that time, like Pingvin Pingo and Kiriku.

Thank you guys so much in advance. Feel free to ask for more details if needed. You would really re-awaken my inner child if you found out about this – not even any links to watch or screenshots from the movie. Seeing the cover again is already more than enough for this movie 🙂
*two things I realized might be helpful to add in after writing this are
  • I think the white lamb had a collar? Maybe like red? This is just a vague memory, so take it with a grain of salt.
  • The black and white lamb didn’t have many differences body wise – they almost look like they were drawn on the same body template.

6 thoughts on “Animated semi-realistic art-style cartoon movie of a white lamb sneaking out of it’s farm with a black or brown lamb

  1. Could it be La chèvre de Monsieur Seguin? It’s about little goats rather than lambs but it has every other detail you’ve mentioned.

    1. OMG THANK YOU NO WAY YOU FOUND IT- this is insane you are a literal god what you just made my day, I randomly remembered this post and decided to go on here to see if someone found out. I saw one comment, got a little excited and literally started yelling this is just insane, no other words-

      For some reason I remember it being more traumatic with darker colors, for example also the “black” “lamb” I don’t remember this being so brightly colored.

      Again I cannot thank you enough, you just made my day, I would’ve never guessed that someone would find the movie

      1. You’re welcome!

        I’ve noticed I remember movies from my childhood having darker colors than they actually had, too. I wonder if this is a trick of our memories or we just had not so good copies of the movies? I’ve seen other people mention this too.

        I’m so glad I was able to help you find this!

        1. Yeah! For some reason, a lot of things I watched as a child feel different watching now. For example, I used to have this CD of Sparky (a car’s life) also with a Montenegrin dub and I don’t remember the animation being this like- empty if you will. I mean, I watched a bit of the bit where those two things steal their gases like leeches, and I remember the shading and lighting being better and the environment not being so empty. I feel like when we watch something as children, our young brains like to enhance our experience by substituting missing or lacking things with our imagination. It’s fascinating if you think about it, lol!

          Also, I was watching the movie with a Montenegrin dub last night actually and there are so many memories that were brought back, for example I was like “what? There was never a bear?” skimming it through when you sent me the link but then watching it I did remember, and I remembered how I always wanted to drink the water in the cave the bear was in because of the bubbles and the color lmao

          I didn’t fully finish it because I fell asleep though, after writing this I’ll be finishing the last 10 minutes 🙂 thank you again so much!

          1. You’re right, I think we fill in gaps when we’re watching something as children. There are things I’ve watched again as an adult and been shocked by the animation quality, because it seemed so much better and more detailed in my memory.

            Glad you’re enjoying the movie!

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