Shrinking girl and singing bugs

  • this young girl is upset at brother for killing ants (maybe another bug but I’m pretty sure ants) and he goes inside house (they’re in the yard) and she shrinks (I think she ate some green thing) and then she ends up in adventures involving bugs like inside an ant pial and the queen talks to her and sings about being queen, she has to escape she also almost gets vacuumed away by her mom and there’s roaches in the cupboard she talks to, she also gets kidnapped by a wasp and put in her nest almost gets eaten and she gets help to get back to original size by a green big (I think caterpillar) the whole movie is animated but there’s some scenes that are real like the beginning and some flashes of bugs to see what it really looks like. I watched it as a child on vhs so it was between 1990’s and 2000’s

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