Series from Australia (?) shown on British children’s tv

This will have been some time between say 1965 and 1970, when British television often showed series bought from other countries during the “children’s slot”, after school so say 4pm to 6pm.

My memory is that this series was from Australia but maybe not. The scene which has stuck in my mind is where a young woman needed to take a shower, and did so, wearing only something like a t-shirt. This was not just a brief moment but was filmed with some care (she lathered her top with soap and took her time)

This was the only time I had ever seen anything like this on television (or anywhere else for that matter) and it was possibly a “grownup” series “wrongly” being shown at teatime (an adventure series? a Skippy copycat show which used girls in showers to get ratings?) Even at the time I thought it was pushing the boundaries a bit so have never forgotten the completely gratuitous scene (I feel there was more of this sort of thing but maybe I’m making that up)

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