Serial killer shoots people directly through the tv broadcast

I remember this movie from the ’80s, saw it on TV. I think it was French, not sure. A guy was sitting comfortable in his chair at home and had a device (like a sniper) that was able to aim and kill people directly on the screen. So if he hated a politician or a tv presenter he was aiming and shooting and the victim was killed there in the studio or where the interview took place.

The police was trying to find the murderer and I don’t remember the details but eventually they manage somehow to catch him and his final virtual bullet is turned into his own killing.

I’ve tried to find the name, but it’s hard to google it, there are no useful keywords for this.

My husband says he read the book (the writer was French, he says) but he doesn’t remember the name or the title…

We would be really grateful if someone knows the subject and could tell us the name of the movie/book/writer. Many thanks!

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