Serial killer falls in love.

Please help me find this movie! 

I saw it years ago – loved it but cannot remember the name or find it anywhere online.

So I’m pretty sure it’s from the early to mid 2000’s and that it’s an independent movie that has possibly played on IFC. What I remember about the story is that it’s about a loner serial killer (guy in his 20’s with short brown hair) who meets this girl who works at the coffee shop he goes to. He originally intends for her to be a victim of his but then falls in love with her. I remember that she has a cute little apartment with string lights – like white Christmas lights hanging up in it.

I am also almost positive that it ends with him either telling her he’s a killer or her somehow finding out and she is okay with it and even takes part in the killings. Lastly I’m pretty sure there’s a scene towards the end that takes place at night where they’re standing next to a shutdown train on train tracks.

Hope that’s enough information and thank you to anyone who helps figure this one out. 

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