Scientist continuously loses arm movie?

So when I was a young child in the early 90-‘s there was a movie I had seen once rented on VHS, seen on t.v. (could have been Sci Fi at the time) and seen later in 2008 on a old classic movie channel.

I dont know if it was the beginning of the movie but there was a scientist in a lab doing some experiments something went wrong he had to escape the lab. There was a closing door he had to escape and right before it closes the door slams on his arm and rips it off. He attaches the arm some how with an injection of some sort. Werid stuff happens through out the movie like time travel and he keeps losing his arm

From what I remember the scientist looked young, short brown hair, glasses, and a lab coat. Every time I bring this up to people I keep having people say its The Re-Animator but I watched that movie numerous times and does not have that in it what so ever.

I remember the movie being in color. And I know the movie had english dialog…

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