Science-fiction movie involving a rocket launch and a “ghost” woman

I have been looking and asking about this movie for nearly 4 years since I started here and still no luck yet unfortunately.

Nevertheless, I will never give up and I will try again no matter what.

The movie looks old, possibly from the 1980’s, 90’s, or 2000’s, I’m not sure. It’s an American movie in English I saw on TV in color twice in my adolescence.

In the movie, a scientist befriends a beautiful blonde woman wearing white who looks transparent and has ghost-like powers of sorts that only he can see.

He has a rival scientist whom he forces to cancel some sort of launch. At one point, the rival scientist was seen with his driver holding his enemy and his friend at gunpoint unaware that it was being recorded on camera. Then when the rival scientist is at some conference and after the good scientist and his friend escape with the help of his imaginary, ghost-like “girlfriend”, some reporters show the footage involving the gunpoint to everyone and they mention at one point that he actually “discovered New Jersey.”

At the end, after the rival scientist has been arrested, the good scientist closes his eyes and uses a special somewhat magic, space stone to turn his beautiful, somewhat ghost-like, imaginary woman girlfriend whom he is in love with into a real woman at the end of the movie.

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