Sci-fi movie where they magically heal a wound on a man’s hand using some kind of slimey organism

I can’t remember exactly when I saw this, but I caught it on TV late one night, late being after 10pm but before midnight/1am.  But I’m sure it was sometime in the mid-late 90s in Canada, and it might have even been City TV. I only saw a few scenes, because it was on so late and I was in school at the time, so I couldn’t watch the whole thing.  What I remember:

I would venture to say that it was a B film.  It had atmosphere, but there was something strange about it.  It definitely had a small budget.  And it was in English.

The aesthetics/palette of the movie seemed slightly similar to “The Andromeda Strain” (1971), in that I remember there being a lot of those white space suits, but the people/beings in them didn’t speak and they had on the helmet part.  I don’t think you could see their faces, and I can’t recall if they were humans or other beings.  Their overall silhouette was human-like, obviously, since they fit into the suits.

The scenario from the film I remember is a human man (sandy-blonde hair, I think) is unwillingly brought back to some kind of facility, which was likely a dome.  I remember the mise-en-scene was very foggy, misty, and in the middle of a forest clearing or something.  There might have been more than one dome, but I can’t be sure.

Anyway, they bring the human back to the facility. He has an injury on his hand, and the beings/people in the white spacesuits hold him down on an examining table.  The human dude is quite agitated and freaking out about this; after all, he’s human.  There are about two or three white-suited beings holding him down.  Then another one holds up his injured hand, and then yet another uses long tweezers to place some kind of wiggling/slimy thing/organism atop the bleeding wound.  Two seconds later, the organism has shriveled up, is removed, and the human man’s hand is completely healed.

That is all I remember.  I hope someone remembers something — anything! — about this film.  It’s been haunting me forever!

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