Sci-fi movie from early 80’s?

Hi, I am looking for a sci-fi film I saw in the late 80’s maybe

the plot starts on an alien world, under attach or siege from some unknown enemy. All you ever see of the enemy is a claw like foot. A group escape (possibly the leader of the planet) with armed escort. The escort is a figure all dressed in black space armour and shoots a weapon from an armband- later it is killed and appears to be an android?. So the group travel using a space portal and step through to earth- mid central farm in america. they hold up in a farm house and the police are called thinking it is a hostage situation. and altercation between the police leads to the black armoured android thing dying. It then turns out the monster that was chasing them has found then and has disguised itself as a FBI detective….and somehow gets defeated and discover….thats all I really remember. there was also a particular clanking sound whenever you saw the foot of the evil attacker chasing the group, like its claw foot clanking on metal.

  • It was a colour movie
  • I rented it
  • it was in english
  • there were no big actors that I can recall

hope someone can help…it has been haunting me for years.

4 thoughts on “Sci-fi movie from early 80’s?

  1. Sci fi movie where some scientists get locked in an alien flying saucer and try to stop the auto pilot before they crash into a planet?

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