Scary movie

The movie I’m trying to remember I watched several years ago and I can only remember the ending scene. The scene is a woman waking up in a bed located in a bright room, there is a window and you can see it’s daytime outside. The woman gets out of the bed slowly and walks towards a closet and opens it. At first it’s just a closet but then the camera goes through the wall and all the sudden it’s in another dimension and you can see there is all these creatures in darkness. The woman gets sucked into this dimension. Then two men come into the room and don’t see her. They look in the closet where the woman can see them and starts banging on the ‘wall’ to get their attention. But where she is in another dimension they don’t see her or hear her. If someone could help me I’d be very grateful. The movie was in color. It was either horror or suspense.

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