A clock opens a door

A colour film I saw on TV in mid 90s. I vaguely remember only a couple of shots and maybe some plot. There are a lot of “maybe”.

Probably a fantasy or horror film from the 80s-90s. I won’t be surprised if it’s some episode from a “tales from the crypt”-like series.

A guy receives or finds a watch (clock) or some device with arrows on it that opens gates or portals or doors.  The arrows point to the side where that portal should open. It might be not the central item of the film.

There might be a girl that he tries to save (what a surprise). Perhaps she was lost in that portal.

There might be a museum present in one of the scenes (might be another film).

Super vague, yes, I know. But it stuck in my memory and I still didn’t manage to find that film.


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