Romantic movie with great family sentimental value

I am looking for an old romantic film that has great sentimental value to my family, and would be grateful if you could help me find it.

Movie details:
Was viewed on TV in May-June 1981, so if ever was theatrical likely to have been released before 1981. Likely: much before as it was probably B&W. At least, part of it is.

Movie description:
The protagonist goes back in time to an earlier century, meets a woman there who we remember has something to do with Pianos, Piano playing, or singing. They fall in love.

Turns out the woman has some malfunction of the heart: deadly in her century, easily solvable in the century the protagonist came from.

So, he goes back to his century (alone) and looks for her there… identifies her as a flight attendant and convinces her to come with him to a hospital right away. She of course didn’t even know of her heart malfunction, which is then easily cured. He then reappears baring flowers to re-introduce himself…

One thought on “Romantic movie with great family sentimental value

  1. Sounds like ‘Quest for Love’ (1971) with Joan Collins but it’s not time travel but an alternative reality

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