Romance movie with tortoise

I watched this movie a long time ago in 2012, it was showing on australian TV late at night.

What i roughly remember is that the woman in the movie was married to a doctor, they had difficulties with conceiving a child and were opting for adoption, and there is a man who is a construction worker on the same train. Then in the train one night, she fell asleep and started remembering her childhood and a boy in her kindergarten who had given her a tortoise then that she still has, turns out the man in the train also is remembering the same thing. Somehow she comes across the boy again in the present and they sleep together. He is a man with many talents and he can even walk a tightrope, evident because he has a tightrope at his place and guides her through walking on it. She tells him she still has the tortoise he gave her when they were younger but her tortoise somehow escapes from her handbag and she is unable to show it to him. Then she somehow she got raped by his colleague, i think he hurts the man badly and goes to jail for it. The movie ends with the both of them playing a board game in the visitor’s hall of the jail/prison.

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