Robot Boy Parts in Briefcase

I remember seeing this show ( I’m thinking it was 1 hour long or a 2 part 30 min each episode or perhaps one 30 min show ) in the early 80’s. I think it was an ABC Weekend Special / CBS Storybreak type show. It was live action. I believe it was was made early 80’s ( pos. late 70’s ). It featured 2 boys in the lead. One was a robot. The only real part I remember, because it stuck out so, was the robot boy was discovered disassembled in  a briefcase or suitcase. The limbs etc were in separate compartments. I seem to to remember the other boy was able to put the robot boy back together by snapping or screwing the parts together. The human boy may or may not have known his friend was a robot until discovering him disassembled. This was NOT DARYL. This was earlier 80’s. It was a network show and had the late 70’s/early 80’s tv video quality those who lived then would be quite familiar with.

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