Robocop 2 and 3

I’ve only seen the first one and the remake. I can’t find the other sequels to watch anywhere and even if I did, they would be unavailable in my country. I just need to know something. At which time interval did Robocop first start shooting in Robocop 2 and first start shooting in Robocop 3?

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  1. First start shootin can be found at imdb I suspect. But here I found:

    robocop 1 1987
    2 1990
    3 1993
    1998 series animated
    robocop 2014 (might be fan film)

    1. No, no. I’m afraid you misunderstood me.

      When I said Robocop first started shooting, I meant first started using his gun to kill bad guys in the 2nd movie and in the 3rd movie.

      Plus, time intervals are not the same thing as movie release dates. I meant where did the first shooting bad guys scene take place? Around 10, 20, or 30 min in the movie or something?

    1. After seeing the first one, I’m not interested in seeing the sequels myself either.

      Plus, proxfree is unavailable in my country, so, I can’t watch either way.

      1. Honestly, this site is for solving movies you don’t know the name of. We don’t watch the movies for you. If you already know the title, there’s not really anything for us to solve.

        1. Pity. Now, I’ll never at which time interval of each sequel does the first killing bad guys with guns takes place. I wish I could watch but I can’t. Either some movie sites don’t work in my country or worse, the movies are not available for rent or sale anywhere.

          1. Both of these movies are available to rent or purchase on Youtube, which is available to you because you’re always linking clips from it.

        2. Would if I could but purchasing or renting movies on YouTube doesn’t work or happen in my country. In fact, such actions are illegal in my country for some reason. Plus, not everything on YouTube is available in all countries.

          Anyway, you are free to make your own decisions about whether to help or not and I respect that no matter what. I’ll understand. It would be unfair for me to ask so much from you. I appreciate your way of trying to help despite difficulties though.

          I’ll just wait until someone else replies soon enough probably. If not, I’ll just move on and you can mark “Solved”.

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