Horror movie with monster that wraps people in cocoons

It’s a horror movie I saw as a kid most likely made before 2015, in color, in English. I remember a suspenseful scene where a child was hiding under his bed in his dark room as the monster walked around the room. While he was hiding he was staring at his toy on the floor and watching for the monster’s feet. I think he had a nightlight that held some significance and I think it was shaped like a train.

I don’t remember what the monster looked like but the monster would take people into it’s nest into the forest and wrap people up in slimy, stringy, sticky cocoons. The nest was covered in the webbing a lot like spider web. There was a scene where the kids went to rescue their friend from a cocoon and had to cut them out with a knife. That’s all I remember thank you if you know it!!

7 thoughts on “Horror movie with monster that wraps people in cocoons

  1. Hey! I think I remember this movie too! I think it’s about a boy who didn’t wanna go to a haunted house party with his sister on Halloween, but the brother was scared to go in so they went home. The sister was pissed so she read a scary story to the brother to scare him, but when she heads out a monster appeared under the bed and tries to take the brother (Probably where the scene you’re talking about happened).

    Quick food for thought, do you remember a scene where tiny baby lizard monster hatched tried crawling into the cocoons trying to eat the boy?

  2. The cocoon movie could be Super 8. But I don’t remember the first part with babysitter being in the movie.

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