River Heads

I remember this scene from a movie a while back and this girl had to cross heads of people that had been turned to stone in a river. So she walked on stone heads to get across a river and the other character stared down at his reflection in the water as a dead guy floated up.  Im not sure if the guy staring part was even in this movie otherwise that part is in another movie. please help! idk what movie this is!

3 thoughts on “River Heads

  1. Possibly “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams. It’s a good movie even if it’s not the one you are looking for.

    1. Good suggestion Dave, but I made it the last time he asked the question and he said it wasn’t the movie he was thinking of.

      1. I do know this movie was a fantasy movie like the never ending story or Alice in wonderland by I don’t believe it is it.

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