Recent movie, I think from Netflix

Hi all! Please help me find this movie! I want a friend to watch it, but I can’t remember the Title!

Here are the main points that I think I remember:

Husband and wife and 3 daughters live in a very ritzy apartment in a city (New York), and the husband is gone all the time schmoozing others for his job. His wife is busy with the girls all the time and wants to finish a screenplay but the husband keeps making his wife come to dinners or things with him so she never gets time to do what she wants to do.

The husband makes her come to one of these outings to bring someone in to buy the hotel he works for. He tells his wife that they have to convince this Indian husband and wife and their kids to move to the city. In the beginning, the wife complies but feels very guilty. She then gets sick of the lying and tells the truth. The Indian couple leaves.

The husband then quits his job and then they both have to figure out how to stay afloat because they were living well above their means.

To try and stay afloat they put their ritzy apartment for rent on airbnb and then they move in with the wife’s parents across the street. They can see their apartment from the parent’s place.

I don’t remember much more… please help!!!!

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