psychadelic horror movie??

Hi! This movie has been driving me and my man INSANE for over a year now!! I’m pretty sure we watched it on either netflix or crackle in the winter of 2012…but the film seems more likely to have been made somewhere from the 60s-90s (i know thats a huge amount of time, but i just remember the ‘quality’ being sub-par). This movie wasn’t necessarily a “horror” movie (its not a slasher) its more of a bizarre psychadelic movie….

So here are the details I remember:

– There was a group of friends all going to a mansion that belonged to a deceased family member of one of the group. I believe the group was 3 men and 2 women, thought it may have just been two and two.

– The member of the group who’s family owned the mansion/estate was a male who seemed o be the main character, and i believe he brought his fiance. I feel like she was a virgin, but i am not 100% on this.

– There was a pool where the group seemed to hang out sometimes. One of the male characters did cocaine (leading me to believe this film was most likely in the 80s?)

– There were very bizarre and disturbing dinner scenes, where the group would routinely eat human matter (milk, feces, blood, etc)

– The main character seemed to be a writer? There were discussions about art.


THIS IS ALL I GOT! It was one of the weirdest movies i’ve ever seen and i MUST SEE IT AGAIN!!!

FYI – It was not “the discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie” also.



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  1. There was something similar to this that took place during the Austrian-Prussian war or Polish-Russian war, so late 1800s? It was foreign with subtitles if I remember correctly, and it was on Netflix.

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