Probably 80s Horror: Ritual & Woods

I’ve been looking for these two things for awhile and I’m not having any luck. I’m not sure if it’s two films that I saw in a row, or two parts of the same film. Both are in color and in English. I saw them on television in the mid 2000s, but I think they are from the 80s (I might be a bit off, though).

1) There is a ritual taking place at night that involves some kind of figure/idol/statue (like a clay idol?). I think there is a tribe of people doing this. There’s a woman with dark hair involved, though I don’t think she wants to be. The idol goes inside of a wooden box and floats down a river, and the camera follows it. I remember it as having some kind of magic involved and something being sealed inside the figure. I keep thinking that this was backstory and took place earlier than the rest of the film, and the figure had something to do with bad things happening in the present.

2) This one has been super hard to look for, because it’s so common: a story about young people (campers? staying in a cabin?) being chased/hunted in the woods.

Details I remember:

– All of the scenes with people being hunted take place in daylight.

– One of the main characters is a girl with blonde or light brown hair in a pink shirt.

– There is a scene involving a hollow log. I’m not sure if someone hides in it, or finds something in it, or is just looking through it. Near or during this scene, a male character is killed. I think he is found by the blonde girl.

– It seemed like there were a lot of scenes of the people (who were separated from each other) hiding from whatever was after them.

– There is a scene that shows clothes hanging on a line in the woods.

– It does not involve zombies or cannibals (these keep coming up when I search).

– Although I’m not completely certain, I strongly feel that it was a supernatural thing after the people, not a human.

When I first started looking for these, I was very certain they were the same film, and the figure had something to do with whatever was hunting the campers, but I can’t find anything like that and now I’m not so sure. Any suggestions for either of these things would be appreciated, even if the details are off, because I might have mixed things up. Thank you!!

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  1. The 2nd film: The Forest (1982)? — It has a blonde in a pink shirt that is going camping 12:24 minutes in.

    1. Woah, that’s totally it! Not just #1, but the whole thing. I was just mixing up some details. THANK YOU GG!!!!

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