It’s driving me insane!!


I have a bit of an odd one, since I can only recall bits and pices of this particular movie I saw back in my childhood.

It had to have been made in the 80s or early 90s, as I saw it on VHS (taped, not bought). It was in English and color. I don’t actually recall it being a horror movie, per se, but it was definitely a thriller.

What I remember: A young boy, early teens, with dark bowl cut and blue eyes is swimming in a pool with a girl he has a crush on. He’s using his goggles to look at her. She had on a swimsuit that was half pink, half blue, and I believe had black polka dots on it.

Next, I remember he was being driven in a car down a long dirt road through some type of orchard, maybe? It may have been a family gathering. Then someone taking the boy to what looked like an ungrounded tunnel or sewer, showing him a secret cache of weapons and telling him about them.

Next, and this is where my memory starts to fade, I vaguely remember a cellar scene, in which the boy sees or overhears something (a murder, is my guess). He breaks a glass jar and ducks out before the other person sees him.

After that, my memory gets jumbled, but he tells the girl what he saw, he somehow injures his forehead  (I think they were driving to get away and he crashed? I remember him telling her to stay with the car, then he went back to the house).

Toward the end, I remember him running back to the sewer to grab weapons and making some type of bomb out of black pvc pipe and some kind of green stuff, which he then used in the cellar on the bad guy.

I know it’s horribly vague, but it’s been almost 20 years since I saw it when I was kid, but scenes of it still haunt my mind to this day.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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