priest sees blonde ghost, is then tortured and burned


I saw this movie on late night television in England roughly 12/13 years ago. It was colour, and looked like it was filmed in the 60’s. We only caught the last half hour or so.

All i remember is it involved a priest or monk that kept seeing a blonde woman/apparition appear. He was being held for some crime, in which they told him he would have to wear these wooden things around his knees/legs than they would then hit, and would brake his shins. After-which he’d have to walk to be burned at the stake. And that’s it.

It was pretty weird and brutal, and I’ve always wondered what I was called.


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  1. I think you might be remembering “The Devils.” It’s a disturbing movie starring Oliver Reed as a priest. If it’s set during the Inquisition, and the “ghost” might instead be a young, glamorous nun he’s seeing in visions rather than being haunted by, I think that’s your movie.
    I know the movie ends with the priest being tortured, then forced to crawl to the stake where he’s burned. Apparently the burning goes on for a long time. I actually haven’t seen the end because it was too disturbing for me and I left the room, but I was told how it ended.

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