Possibly japanese animated film about colorful ghosts

Basically, what i remember about this movie is that i saw it a couple of years back, probably 2010ish, early netflix. I think whole heartedly it was on netflix but it might not have been. Essentially it was this animated film about this girl who buys or moves into an apartment, and she comes into contact with these little ghosts or spirits of various size and color, and the subplot is that the apartment she lives in is about to be redone or upscaled, and something ??about the environment?? is involved. a specific scene i remember was her on the balcony or roof of this apartment and i think she sees a spirit, looks away, and looks back and its gone. it had kind of a unique style, and i think it was definitely in japanese as the original i’d seen had subtitles. i could be grasping but there mightve also been an older woman and maybe a child that lived in the same complex? i’m not really sure. I also remember the style being kind of like found photos, but that could just be my memory (i really appreciate this, ive been searching for this movie for god knows how long now :))

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