Possibly a 80s Sci fi/horror anthology series episode?

ok, so I have a vague memory of the very end of something.

I think it’s the 80s. A guy is in his living room watching tv I think, and then the power goes out and a monster/alien creature appears somehow…I think it has to do with the tv…and attacks him. The man escapes the monster and runs outside to the street where he sees a car driving by and he stops it. Inside is a woman and in the back seat is a baby in a car seat. Seeing the baby he knows he can trust her and jumps in. After he does, the two exchange some dialogue and all of a sudden the baby has turned into the same monster/alien creature and has wrapped its extended arms around the man in the front seat. He also turns to see that the mother is now a monster too. That’s it….? I don’t remember anything else!

It could possibly be from an 80s anthology horror/sci-fi series?

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