Possible Humphrey Bogart movie or Western movie

If any of you watch and listen closely at 14:33 of this Timon and Pumbaa episode within the link below, you might notice Pumbaa talking like Humphrey Bogart or some kind of cowboy from a Western picture movie to a female warthog. I’m not sure.

Please, if anyone knows who are Pumbaa and the female warthog spoofing and quoting and which scene and from which movie, please let me know as soon as possible. The name of the actors/movie characters, the name of the movie, and the scene(s) spoofed and at which time interval of the said movie, please?

Video link:

5 thoughts on “Possible Humphrey Bogart movie or Western movie

  1. It was murder trying to link that video with all the ads taking me away from it. And what a loud, unfunny cartoon. Didn’t sound like Bogart or any cowboy hero directly. The only direct parody I heard was Bogart’s closing speech in Casablanca. “Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow…”

      1. I know about the Casablanca ending parody later on in the episode but I’m asking about the other scene at 14:33 if it is a spoof to a Humphrey Bogart movie or some cowboy movie or something.

        Btw, Timon and Pumbaa episodes are always funny.

  2. I doubt they are spoofing a particular movie. The voice used is not imitating any well known actor from the forties or fifties.

    1. Sorry, but until that’s certain and someone else has a different opinion, I’m leaving this post unsolved. Besides, it’s possible it could be spoofing another movie but without Humphrey Bogart or cowboys…..

      Thanks for trying though.

      PS: if you really want to help, I have many other posts left unsolved that maybe you can help me out with that some people can’t or simply refuse to help me out with too.

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