“Found Footage” -ish suspense movie

Probably eight or so years ago I saw a movie and ever since then I can’t remember it’s name.  I remember almost every detail, but not the name.

It’s about a group of friends who stay in a suburban house that’s being renovated.  They set up cameras all over the house and stream the video online.  It’s all an elaborate hoax plan to make it look like they are all being murdered in real time, but they’re not really getting murdered.  They’re all in on it and watching the world freak out about trying to find them and save them.

But then at the end, somehow they all die accidentally.  I remember at least one person dies because the car is left running in the garage and they die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

There was even a real website you could go to, it was like “nameofthemovie.tv” and on there you could see the cameras and watch it like it was real.


I’ve been trying for years to think of the name of this movie.  Please, god, help.

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