Please help me find this movie’s name.

I didn’t see this movie. I just saw a scene. So i don’t recognize any character. I think it’s a an english movie nearly 2000’s. The scene is two men in a car was waiting for a girl. It was night. Seeing that girl they started to follow her. Then they wore mask. When the girl realized that she was being followed she started to run and escape. But before she could do that they caught her. Then one of the men beats her and then rapes her. And other man was holding a gun. Before raping the girl the man removes his mask. When the girl was screaming there was a train going over a bridge above them. When they were leaving the girl the other man who was holding the gun said,” Hey man, she saw your face.” The man who raped the girl said,” I know, let her go.” Can anyone guess which movie is this. I really wanna see what happens next. And sorry for my english. Plz help…

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