Please help, been trying to figure out for years

This movie is not in english, it is some form of Asian dialect. I was pretty young when i saw this movie but this is what i remember.

Most of the movie takes place on a house boat and the boy very rarely, if ever at all,  leaves the house boat.

A young boy ties a rock onto an animals back (possibly a fish) and the fish dies. The person he lives with (much older man) tells him that he needs to bring the fish (?) back to life. Obviously, the young boy cant and he gets very upset.

Skip to later in the movie and the young boy is now a full grown man. The older man (for some strange reason) has brought a young woman to live with them on this secluded house boat on the middle of some lake. The younger man falls in love with this girl and they end up running away together.

One of the last scenes in the movie ends with the old man rowing himself into the middle of the lake and setting himself on fire (morbid, i know)


Thats all i can remember of this movie! Please help!!!!

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