Please help!

This movie is based in an american town near a swamp. It is about a boy who discovers a swamp monster but is trying to convince his dad and the locals it exists. I remember a scene where he takes his friend into a garage to dress him up in a costume¬†similar to the monster. Also a scene where they all discover it but let the creature go in to the end. I’m not sure if its a 90’s movie or 2000’s. It’s more of a family movie rather than a horror movie. Hopefully this helps and someone can remember it!

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  1. Just a guess

    The Strange Monster of Strawberry Cove (1971)
    1h 30min | Family, Mystery | TV Movie 30 October 1971
    A school teacher thinks he saw sea monster in the calm waters of Strawberry Cove. Three kids then build one in defense of their teacher and set out to find what’s behind the mystery.

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