Edited foreign film about a tumultuous love relationship

I saw a foreign film many years ago, I think it was French. It seemed to be from maybe the early ’60s. It was in color, and there was a scene that may have taken place in a bedroom with an attractive woman in a fairly close shot, like an upper body or a head shot. I think she had shoulder-length blond hair. If I remember correctly, there was an unseen man–in voiceover only–speaking harshly to the woman, talking about her despising him and cheating on him, something along those lines. There may have been some nudity or very strong language in the scene, because it had several cuts in it, and I think parts of the man’s monologue repeated.

Sorry it’s not much to go on.

4 thoughts on “Edited foreign film about a tumultuous love relationship

  1. Contempt (1963)? It’s been decades since I saw it, but Bardot plays a cheating wife, and that sure sounds like Godard style editing.

    1. Thanks, Jonathan! Since I posted this, I’ve been reading up on Contempt and thinking that that must be it. I’ll have to watch it again soon.

      Thanks again!

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