Photography and Affairs

I don’t remember exactly when I saw it but it was somewhere around 06-08 on Starz or HBO or one of those special movie channels. We had just gotten a TV package and the sign up bonus was movie channels for several months for free.


Anyways, it was in color but still quite old if I remember the quality of the film correctly. It was set in Ireland or Scotland (possibly elsewhere but that was the impression I got from the scenery). A woman comes to a nice house in the country to apply for a nanny or maid position. The man of the house is working on a new type of camera and photo development technique and the maid/nanny butts her way into his research. She ends up helping him a lot and they end up becoming lovers. At one point after they had sex in his studio/research lab she poses him while he was asleep and takes pictures of him. It came time to show his work to someone and when she came to the lab to see how it was going the man denied her help on it and said some sexist things like, “Your womanly mind cannot comprehend what we’re doing.” and she stormed off. He kept developing his technique without her and she eventually blows up and reveals their affair at dinner by showing his wife the nude photos of him and he kicks her out.


I don’t remember the ending exactly but I know at some point she starts working in a photography studio taking people’s portraits with those cameras that you have to sit still for minutes. I think he comes to visit her I’m not sure. The above paragraph is what I know for sure happened this part is sketchy memory.

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