Mysterious sunken vessel

I seriously need some help with this movie, have searched for it for years with no luck. 🙁

Saw this ca 1996-1998 once, so unfortunately I don’t have a clear memory of the plot.

It was an English movie. Mom says actors had accents ( so not sure ). The movie was a rental, have no clue if it was a direct-to-tv-movie or an actual movie. But I’m pretty sure it was a movie. The movie was in color.

I have been told it starts of with a bunch teenagers or adults walking on a beach. I’m not sure if they suddenly spots something in the ocean or if they can simply feel something out there. No matter, they are aware of something.

I remember that there is a sunken vessel/UFO or ship of some sort in the water and somehow the teenagers or other random people find their way down there ( it seems there’s air inside the ship. ) When the teens/people are inside the sunken vessel, they discover some sort of cloning device ( alien or human, I’m not sure, but seems more alien than human. )

They somehow get cloned and later killed, except one. This remaining person is the main character, it seems. Many years later he returns to the sunken vessel ( I think there’s a woman with him. ) and finds his alien clone. It looks exactly like him, except it seems it hasn’t showered or anything like that for years. Has a big beard.

First they talk, then they fight. And somehow they both end up under water, choking but mostly fighting each other until they both drown. ( very dramatic; if I see the ending of the movie I will know if it is the one I’m looking for ) I feel like they both knew they had to die.. One couldn’t just die and let the other live and I’m not sure why.. maybe it’s biology, maybe mentally..

Halp? 🙂


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