Penguin belly dancer?

Aight, right off the bat, the movie was about a penguin who was a mechanic or something, and there was this penguin girl who belly danced. (Wow I’m already starting to question if they were really penguins or some other animal… so not off to a great start, but you’d think it’d be wacky enough for it to be easy to find right?)

I watched it when I was a child, I’m 19 now but I honestly can’t say how long ago it was. I remember watching Anastasia around that time though. It was most likely before 2010, but the movie definitely felt older to me.

It wasn’t the only movie on the DVD, it was a collection of different movies, pretty sure they were all cartoons / stop motion.

The movie was probably stop motion and colored (I remember the girl’s outfit was pink, but honestly my memory’s pretty wacky and any of these details could be wrong, oop)

The reason I’m looking for the movie is cuz’ I keep almost remembering some rly funky music from it, but it’s not enough that I could hum it for a music recognition software.

There might’ve been something about building a plane in it, and saving the girl from some evil dude who forced her to dance? Idk.

I’ve already tried googling for it and I’m usually pretty good at finding stuff but I’m completely stumped here.

Oh also, I’m Danish but I don’t think they said anything in the movie, and if they did, I feel like it was English. Pretty sure it was mute tho, like 95% sure.

Thanks in advance for any help, I’ve been completely plagued by this *almost* song popping into my head for years now, finding it will really help me out

4 thoughts on “Penguin belly dancer?

    1. Wow. That’s it!!!
      I did NOT expect this to get solved so fast, what the heck?
      Thank you so so so much yo, time for a trip down memory lane xP

  1. Solved! (And the fact is, if a movie is going to be solved, it’s almost always going to be solved quickly.)

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