Passing on Pazuzu??!

I know you must have already considered this movie, but how — oh how?! — could you omit Exorcist 2: The Heretic ?? Clearly much more weird than most movies you do include, also a big “mainstream” movie by a major director (as weird as Zardoz and not boring like other weird Boorman movies like Leo the Last and Where the Heart Is, which you also don’t include ) and mostly reviled though it has its fans, including the director of Taxi Driver. It should’ve been on this list from the get-go. Like leaving Citizen Kane off a list of “Greatest Newspaper Films”.

Even the honorable mentions doesn’t mention it (though it HAS to make the list.) I don’t understand. It’s very famous for a weird movie bomb. This is too weird.

And you are missing a plethora of Japanese films made in the 60s , 70s and 80s, some by major filmmakers like Ichikawa, Imamura, even Kurosawa — titles escape me…

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  1. OK, this was clearly intended for our sister site, 366 Weird Movies. People are always posting on that site asking about movies they can’t remember (which is why we created I Remember This Movie in the first place), but this is the first time it’s happened in reverse. In case Jay Jay comes back, here’s our review of Exorcist II: The Heretic.

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