Only few people have azure blue eyes

So, I’ve watched this movie I think 10 years ago, min!

  • I remember that it starts like this: it’s raining, it’s night.
  • Movie is divided in four parts. Every part is named: Beginning of the beginning, end of the beginning, beginning of an end, end of an end.
  • Only few people in this movie have really intense color of azure blue eyes and it means something important.
  • Somewhere in the movie, one of the lead roles die. He has short black hair, wears glasses, and is scientist or something like that. The comet comes striking from the universe and it hits only him!
  • There is a young boy who is searching for his mother, I think, and he finds her in some secret room, filled with light, and I think she dies when she meets him.


I really hope someone will know what movie is this! I’ve been searching for it for few years now, whenever I remember, but without a result. Make me happy people pleaaaase! 😀

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