One Twin kills family, Father is only survivor

This had to be in 1991 or 1992. Definitely English speaking. Color.I woke up late and i believe the movie channel was on. It was past Tuesday night terror hours i believe it was either 3 or 4 in the morning. The movie has a whole family Father, Mother, a bunch of kids and the last children born (i believe they show the mother pregnant then she has the twins in the beginning) are twins one boy and one girl. Movie goes on until the Twins are like 3 or 4 years old, both curley headed blonde kids. I dont remember much but one of the twins murders the whole family through the movie. Im not sure if the Father knows its going on or what but after everybody is gone and just the father and the surviving (murdering) twin are left i remember the last scene takes place at either some Dam or like a rocky Niagara falls looking place and the father ends up killing his own murdering child by like holding onto it over a ledge both crying, dramatic dragged out, (i want to say the fathers all beat up for some reason, clothes ripped) until he finally lets his child drop…..

Now he’s alone, walking at like this place that has a dam look to it with a bunch of people there…i want to say a waterfall but has a half circle walk around surrounding it fenced off and he looks across (far across where he is) and see a pregnant lady (for some reason i thought that was the midwife when i was little?? lol dumb) and he says “oh no its going to happen again!!! and starts running around the walkway towards her and the camera slowly zooms out as credits start rolling and the music plays. i Dont remember any actors in it sorry.


This has killed me for years i know its pretty vague but the internet is pretty huge so here hoping!! – Ricky

5 thoughts on “One Twin kills family, Father is only survivor

    1. OH MY GOD YOURE THE MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN OR WOMAAAAAAAAAN dude that it that’s friggin it i just looked it up on yourtube and FF to the end and “LOOK ITS HER!! ITS GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN”!!!!!! i cant even begin to type my joy right now i friggin love you!!!! AND scream factory has it on on blu!!!! ordering it now THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH…… doesn’t look like there twins lol BUT this is def it!!!!!!! Thanks u again I’m so happy i found this site!!!

      1. Wow! I really wasn’t completely sure that it was your movie, but I’m happy that you found it. Thank you very much.

  1. hahaha its just such a good/weird feeling like a hole has been filled in your head… there was a few other movies like this that i only knew bits and pieces of that i ended up finding out what they were; FrankenHooker, Foul play (which when i described the white man with the white hair in the white suit and the ” he came in right when the cuckoo clock rang” i had NO idea Chevy chase and Goldie were in it) and That movie Hard 2 Die which i believe was renamed from its original title…. but yea thanks again very excited to get this on blu.

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