My intro to Bloody Mary

Now this is rough. Around 1989 1990 i have no clue what we were watching because me and my cousin were wrestling. Suddenly i looked at the TV and this is what i saw. Now, picture a TV, Now take that whole TV screen and pretend your drivers license fills up the whole TV screen 1:1 perfectly. Now where your picture is on your license (during whatever it was i saw) is the only part of the screen that has video as the rest just stayed the same and said whatever it said i really have no idea what this was. So where the video was i remember thru every changing scene a Mans voice over. The man would say something as the video part of the screen would chance and show what looked like a crime scene with a fire truck and fire men, then it would change to an ambulance with EMTs all flashing lights, Then police cars and cops (man talking every time it changed scenes)…..and THEN it would show HER, Some lady , close up like top of her shoulders up to top of her head, staring at the camera, eyes wide, teeth showing, scraggly wet looking brown hair some strands in her face and drips and drips and drips of blood coming from all the way across her forehead dripping down her face but thin enough to where you could still see skin (lots of drip trails though) and when it showed her i want to say the man said …..and “von-gay” which i know, i just know that isn’t what was said but i was either 4 or 5 at the time. Then it would just loop with the same 4 feeds showing her over and over again. I was in the process of being traumatized. I said to my cousin what that… she goes “Thats Bloody Mary”.. and i had to ask the story… she’s scared the piss out of me ever since….this is a super long shot because i have no idea what this was but i do know it wasn’t a dream because i remember having dreams about this woman for years after and i also remember talking to my mother that night before bed and her telling me how they went and danced on “midnight mary’s” grave downtown newhaven and nothing happened…. This is really all i remember. It would have been on united states television in the early 90s. Seemed to Graphic for a news broadcast.

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  1. Been 3 years and nothing. Sorry if against form rules but I didn’t want to rewrite this as I have found every movie/media that I had no idea what it was except this. Just seeing if anyone else out there has any idea what I’m talking about.

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