Older film that takes place in coastal town

So I remember this film where I believe a young couple marry and move to a small coastal town, very foggy town with rocky cliffs. Its an older film, maybe 50s-late 60s? I used to watch a lot of old films on TCM and such with my mom. In the film I vividly remember towards the end of the film I believe the husband and another man are having a fight in the fog on the coast and they’re going in and out of the fog like punching each other I think.


I believe the plot was something along the lines of the young couple moving to the town, then the husband having to leave for a time, where the woman is very lonely and the people in this small town judge her. Then she starts talking to another man and when the husband finally returns they fight?


I really hope someone can help me remember because I just loved the tone and cinematography and the feel of the foggy coastal town. I think the film was taking place in New England.

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