Old, sci-fi B movie

Ok, so I watched a rather horrible, sci-fi B movie a few years ago. It was an old movie, probably from the 80’s or maybe even early 90’s, and I think it was based on a comic book.

I only remember a few scenes from it. I think it started out on a frozen planet or something, a woman (the main character) is picked up by some kind of land craft with sails and she then, for no reason, have intercourse with the captain. Then she arrives at a city of some sort, again having intercourse with at least one guy to get information about something (I think). I don’t really remember the story or plot, if it had a plot, I only remember her travelling through many poorly constructed movie sets and that it all ended with her being put in a orgasm-machine… for torture. I think she at one point were in a giant birds nest with a guy with wings… unless that was another crappy movie I watched at the time.

I know it sounds like some soft-porn crap, and it kinda is, it is horrible, but it has been bugging me for years that I can’t remember the movie’s name. Other than the ridiculous costumes, the characters were very forgettable…


The reason I’m asking is because I hated this, but kinda found the silliness entertaining, but I don’t know anyone who have watched it, and I really want to hear other people’s opinion of it. So, I need to know the title of the movie before I can find anything about it.

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